The TrueShapers High Compression, Curvaceous Advanced, Max fashion, Fat Burning Hourglass Waist Training Cinchers (Made out of 3 Structure D™ or 3 Plus D™) Instantly Give You Sumptuously Natural Curves Using Luxurious, Date Safe, Sensual Fabric that Burns Fat Without Latex Tire Smell, as Well as a Delicious Curves Plus Accelerates How Quickly You Shed Pounds as ComfortCore Moves with Your Every Motion.


Our TrueShapers size chart is made based on client's reviews and real measurements to ensure that it will fit you perfectly.  TrueShapers waist trainers are made from quality materials with hook-n-eye closures to give you a curvy shape while improving spinal support at the same time. The most important thing to consider when purchasing a TrueShapers product is to get the correct size. If it's too big it will not be able to do it's job properly, and if it's too small it will be uncomfortable and unsafe to wear. However, please keep in mind that all correctly sized waist trainers will be hard to do up at first. This is totally normal and within a few weeks it will become easier. 


Things To Consider When Using The TrueShapers Size Chart

The most important measurement to get correct when purchasing a TrueShapers waist cincher, regardless of any style, is the waist size. Your waist is the more narrow part of your torso. A woman's waistline sits just above the naval area. While using a flexible tape measure, place it snugly around your waist while following the natural contours of the body. (Or, you can use a string you can measure against a hard measuring tool after). It should not be too night nor too loose. After measuring in inches, refer back to the TrueShapers size chart and proceed to purchase the correct size garment that corresponds with your waist measurement. The TrueShapers size chart was created while using "real world" measurements and by the feedback of customers just like you - ladies who wear quality shaping garments with satisfaction and pride. 


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